GARBH SANSKARWHAT IS GARBH SANSKAR?~Every parent wants the best for their child. A healthy pregnancy is necessary to ensure the baby’s well-being after birth too.When to Start Garbh Sanskar while Pregnant?~Garbh Sanskar is not only about the care taken during pregnancy. Garbh Sanskar covers pre-pregnancy, pregnancy as well as the breastfeeding phase, guiding parents until the child is about 2 years old. Benefits of Garbh Sanskar during Pregnancy:~It is up to the mother to shape up the first impressions of the baby. ~Positive thinking and a positive attitude can go a long way in ensuring the mental and physical well-being of the mother, which is linked to the well-being of the baby inside her womb as well. ~Garbh Sanskar helps develop that eternal bond between the mother and her unborn child.~Pre conception planning- beej sanskar~Music & mantra ~Womb talking~Meditation~Yoga ~Diet~Post delivery mother & baby careGarbhsankar For Pregnant Women in Vesu. Garbhsankar For Pregnant Women in Adajan. Garbhsankar For Pregnant Women in Surat. Garbhsankar For Pregnant Women city light. Garbhsankar For Pregnant Women in Althan. Garbhsankar For Pregnant Women in City light.Garbhsankar in Vesu. Garbhsankar in Adajan. Garbhsankar in Surat. Garbhsankar in city light. Garbhsankar in Althan. Garbhsankar in City light.Garbhsankar therapy in Vesu. Garbhsankar therapy in Adajan. Garbhsankar therapy in Surat. Garbhsankar therapy in city light. Garbhsankar therapy in Althan. Garbhsankar therapy in City light.

The knee joint is called Janu Sandhi in Sanskrit; hence the name Janu Basti is given to the procedure done on knee joints. In this the knee joint is bathed with warm medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction.Benefits of Janu BastiRectifies aggravated Vata dosha in the knee regionRestores the lubricating fluid in the joint and maintain integrity of the structures involved in the joint.Removes stiffness and pain in Knee jointProtects knee joints from age related changesIncreases blood circulation; thus strengthens and nourishes the knee jointsImproves the mobility of the knee joints (knee flexion and knee extension)

This is special therapeutic deep tissue massage using herbal powders. The word “Udvartana” refers to elevation and upward strokes during massage. Udwarthanam massage open the parts of circulation, enhances and facilitates and the metabolic activity of the skin complexion. It is useful for decreasing surplus body fat and increase the stability of the extremities. Therapy for obesity and rheumatic ailments; your entire body is massaged with herbal powders; the heat generated through massage melts the excess fat that is accumulated in the body. After completion, the person is advised to take rest for 30 minutes, followed by a shower with warm water. Specific parts of the body can also be massaged as therapy for obesity. This massage involves upward stroking, where the powder is rubbed forcibly on the body. An ayurvedic massage expert can better perform this massage with special techniques. An ayurvedic expert is a master in some Udvartana techniques that help to break down cellulite under the skin.This therapy pacifies the excess Kapha Dosha. Cellulite reduction and weight loss happen when it is done continuously for 7-21 days. It improves the blood circulation, rejuvenates the body and improves skin texture. Certain skin diseases can be treated with Udwarthanam

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My favorite part of being a doctor is the opportunity to directly improve the health and wellbeing of my patients and to Make Healthy society. Dr. Vishal Bhuva is a well-known doctor based in Surat who specialises in Ayurveda. Dr. Vishal Bhuva has over 8 years of experience practising medicine in various hospitals and clinics. Dr. Vishal Bhuva currently owner and chief Ayurved Consultant at Shashwat Ayurved Hospital

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Shirodhara is a great treatment for a compromised nervous system.Currently in this covid situation it will Help to balance Post covid mental Health.Shirodhara can help relieve symptoms of anxiety, s

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